When we settled down in a small town tucked away in a rural area in the heartland of America. We didn’t realize we soon would dearly miss some of the comforts of city living. After trying out DSL, Satellite, and rural PTP options, we eventually settled for what we thought would be a lifetime of being left out in the technology changing world. Our kids struggled to do homework, and we just couldn't settle with the capped data speeds being extorted by the big satellite companies anymore.


As the windmill farms began dotting the countryside around us, we wondered how is it that they are able to be collectively online/connected to the internet and we couldn’t even upload a picture to our email account? It was then that I decided to dedicate time and research as to what we could do to resolve our technology-challenged area that we called home. We found and partnered up with several data providers, and now can offer the same enjoyments of being able to browse the internet just like our neighbors in the surrounding big cities! So from our family to yours ~ We welcome you to join our family!

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