Fair Usage Policy or FUP is practiced by ISPs worldwide whereby it allows ISPs to reduce your internet speeds on unlimited plans so as to prevent misuse, or excessive use of bandwidth normally provided. ISPs will also reduce available bandwidth to its consumers during peak times, or noticeably high network congestion. This discretionary method assures all the consumers on the network will be afforded a smaller portion of the bandwidth to work with until the congestion resides.  ISPs often implement these tools if a network user is abusing the network with excessive load requests. However, most of the time its temporary for most users and the service will resume back to where it was before the interruption of speed/quality.   

What is the data limit? is it truly unlimited?

Although the cellular data carriers do not provide hard data caps or limits of potential usage in the description of the plans we offer, algorithms monitor their networks constantly for excessive traffic and congestion issues. Rural Choice data plans are provisioned on a shared network and the carriers guard against any one user detrimentally impacting other users. The carriers will act to control this detrimental impact by slowing speeds, restricting use, and worst case, terminating service without warning, or notice as they see fit.

UNLIMITED does not mean unlimited data at unlimited speeds. Nor does it include super-heavy usage (uploading/downloading large games, or large files in a short period). These plans typically provide reasonable amount of data usage in a steady, moderate usage pattern. The average family household in the USA uses 391GB per/month with an reported average of 14.7 connected devices in 2021.

This pattern of usage will likely rise due to COVID, and more employers allowing their employees to work from home. However, that being said, the usage we offer will generally allow a customer to use up to 800GB before the cellular carrier considers it a excessive user. Most of our users are averaging around 200-450GB per month. If you think your broadband data requirements will exceed any of the above, we suggest you purchase a secondary service plan with us and split the usage between two accounts.



  • A solution to large file downloads would be to break down the download request over a 12-24 hour period. 
  • Use data wisely and treat it like a utility. Moderate, steady usage is best. 
  • If your streaming tv, turn it off when your not watching it.
  • Purchase a secondary plan to divide your usage between two plans.


Since we are a reseller of cellular carrier services, Fair Use Policies are set forth by the carrier, not us. Carriers reserve the right to change plans, plan costs, and terminate accounts anytime at their conditional discretion. By acknowledging this Fair Use Policy, you agree to the listed above information as set forth.

This document was last updated February 26, 2022
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